Download Thư Viện Weldment Solidworks Weldment Profiles, Free Solidworks Weldment Profiles

For those of you who have used SOLIDWORKS Weldments for frame design & extrusions in SOLIDWORKS, you’re probably aware of how easy they are to lớn work with and create. However, you may not be aware that there are literally thousands of profiles that you can download for không tính phí directly in the software.

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How to tải về the Weldment Profiles

Almost all of the standard weldment profiles are available, such as ANSI, BSI, DIN and Unistrut.To download the files, simply start
SOLIDWORKS, launch the thiết kế Library, then click on SOLIDWORKS content > Weldments.


Other Available Files for không tính phí Download

You’ll notice plenty of components for Blocks, Circuit
Works and Routing in the kiến thiết Library, as well. To tải về the other files, simply hold CTRL + click on the standard you want, & they will tải về into a zip file. Once downloaded, extract your zip tệp tin to your weldment profile directory and you’ll be all set. Khổng lồ change, move or mix your directory lớn a specific Windows folder location, simply go to lớn Tools > Options > tệp tin Locations > Weldment Profiles, as shown:


You’ll then see a lot of weldment profiles available lớn you when creating new structural members or editing existing designs.


More Profiles Available for Free

SOLIDWORKS isn’t the only place where you can find không lấy phí downloads! Many suppliers actually provide their profiles on3D nội dung Central.This is a free service for locating, configuring, downloading and requesting 2D & 3D parts & assemblies, 2 chiều blocks, library features and macros – many specifically for SOLIDWORKS.

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The Solid
Works Weldments Feature allows you to lớn design a weldment structure as a multibody part that can be driven by 2 chiều or 3d Sketch Entities. You can enable the Weldment Features Tab by Right Mouse Button (RMB) clicking on the existing command tabs while in a part environment:


Once enabled, you can now check your current installed Weldment Profiles by making any type of sketch, exiting the sketch, and then selecting “Structural Member” Feature from the Weldments Tab. On a new installation of SOLIDWORKS you will only find a very limited number of options under Standard/Type etc.


Let’s now tải về hundreds of additional structural member profiles. When you are connected lớn an internet connection, go to the Task Pane on the right side of the screen và then under Solid
Works nội dung and click on Weldments Folder. As you will see, you have the option to download different type Standard Type Structural Members. To start the download press và hold your Ctrl Button on your keyboard & click on the desired Standard. This will then prompt where to download the zip file, save it to your hard drive, the location is not important yet.

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Confirm the location of your weldment profiles, or alternatively choose a new location that can be shared or backed up more easily. Your default Weldment Profile Location is:

C:Program FilesSOLIDWORKS CorpSOLIDWORKSlangenglishweldment profiles

You can confirm or change the location in SOLIDWORKS by going khổng lồ Tools > Options > System Options > file Locations > Weldment Profiles.

Best practice is lớn copy the weldment profiles thư mục outside of the installation directory and then point khổng lồ that location. This way they can be maintained across multiple versions and will not be lost if the installation is removed for any reason. This also makes sharing this folder easier.


Your download will come as a .zip tệp tin that needs to be extracted. You can select to extract files và leave at the top-level directory of “Weldment Profiles” folder in order to lớn maintain the necessary directory màn chơi of folders.


If performed correctly, you will now see the unarchived standard under your Structural member feature selection. Notice that the thư mục names & levels are displayed directly in the weldment profiles dialog. If your files are extracted with too many or too few thư mục levels your dialog will not be able to see them. If you have multiple paths listed for weldment profiles, duplicate standard names will not merge, only one will be displayed.

In addition, you can create your own custom Standards, Types, and Sizes as long as you create the thư mục or file in the appropriate thư mục level. Lớn create your own custom weldment profile, simply create a profile sketch of your choice, select the sketch on the Feature kiến thiết Tree và go to File/Save As và change tệp tin type to lớn Lib Feat Part (Library Feature Part). This new profile will be found in the directory you selected.

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